America's Finest Culinary Fuel

Premium food-safe searing fuel specifically formulated for responsible chefs.

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Blue Flame Butane Provides the Cleanest Torch Fuel

Blue Flame Butane is a premium 70:30 blend of purified n-butane and propane gases compressed into clean food grade canisters. Don't risk tanting the flavor of your food by using cheap foreign butane fuel. Ensure your dish tastes the way you intend it to by using our clean and flavorless gas in your culinary torch.

Why Choose Our Butane?

Made in USA

100% of our product is sourced from the USA and meets or exceeds strict U.S. regulations.

Flavorless Gas

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't add odorizers that could negatively affect the flavor of your food.

Ultra Purified

For maximum purity, our gas is triple refined using fractional distillation, giving you the cleanest gas available.

Food Grade

We package our ultra pure gas in food grade canisters free of toxic manufacturing lubricants